Real life.

You have but this one life to live.

You deserve to feel inspired and confident when grocery shopping, eating out, and preparing meals.

You deserve to feel healthy, and alive.

I can offer you the practical tools you need to take charge of your health.

Experience dramatic and lasting results.

Reverse the discomfort.

Radiate health from the inside out and enjoy life.

Real Life. Real Food. Real Results.

None of the bull shit.



My name is Lauren Talbot and I am a holistic nutritionist, published author and recipe developer. 

Holistic-- meaning that I look at the WHOLE body, diet and Lifestyle to better assess what is really going on inside.

The body is a most fascinating design, capable of healing itself when properly nourished, and cleansed of the toxic waste we accumulate from poor eating habits, sluggish digestion, lack of hydration, prescriptions and OTC medications, environmental toxins, stress and insufficient sleep. 

back in 2004, I started suffering from debilitating Anxiety so frightening, I landed myself in the hospital on several occasions prior to graduating high school. Added to the constant battle with my weight, yo-yo dieting, acne and bouts of serious depression and suicidal thinking, this was a new low.

It was not until I learned the importance of the quality of my food choices (not caloric content), coupled with understanding the importance of digestive function, did I begin to completely and RADICALLY transform my overall well-being and reverse my health issues without medicine. 

Now it is your turn, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.


Here is a little glimpse of my life outside of work.

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"I considered myself to be a healthy eater and I thought I knew a LOT about the subject, but like many people I fell victim to many of the fad eating plans that exist.  It wasn’t until working with Lauren that I truly started to understand that what we eat and when we eat it truly has an effect on our body."  -- Sara A. 

"Lauren helped me clean up my diet during a time when I felt like I didn't know what else to do." — Dallas Resident

"I seriously wasn't sure I could honor a new regimen but I feel so much better and it's only been 6 days. I cannot imagine the impact this will have on me long term and I am so excited!" -- Tamara B.  

"Lauren knows how to help her clients feel satiated without feeling deprived." -- Jamie H. Editor at Dallas Morning News

“Everyone I know asks me if I’ve lost weight or if I’ve had work done. I can’t remember having this much energy at any age.” -- Dallas Resident


The Book

Published in 2014, this book is designed to serve as a guide and reference for  reversing skin disorders, pre-mature aging, and improve overall well-being.  


"Since I’ve read this book I am more conscious of food combinations and I have to tell you in a short time I am experiencing less bloating and I feel better and more alert.”