You don't need to eat MORE to get more nutrients.

“Hunger” can come in waves, and for different reasons, but feeling hungry and unsatisfied after eating, usually means one thing— you didn’t get enough of the nutrients your body needs to pay the bills. 

In other words, every moment you are alive, the body is expending energy...

Here’s why you want to be eating more microgreens and less mature greens for optimal health and less bloating.

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Lauren Talbot
Are you deficient in this most important mineral?

Magnesium is an essential mineral required by every function and system in the body. Magnesium related deficiencies, can cause irritability, constipation, headaches, irregular or rapid heart rate, insomnia, sensitivity to light and noises, depression, and anxiety-- to name but a few common symptoms of a deficiency in this most alkaline mineral. 

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The Truth About What You Drink

Liquids, especially consumed on an empty stomach, are like little IVs straight into your bloodstream. 

Studies show that when a person starts to feel thirsty, they are in fact, already dehydrated. Without proper hydration, we can feel a deep drop in energy and clarity.

So are you dehydrated? Read this article to find out. 

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